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  Behind  A Message in a Mirror


     This is last web of this series we shot.  As this story has been strung out over time, (shooting every six months or so), things changed in the form of money, locations and availability of actors or key crew personnel.  Because of this I threw out some webs I had planned to shoot and wrote this one as a connecting story to the webs already in the can.  It was time to finish. My goal with this web was to say what happened to Reece and find a reason to get Nico to Malibu. 

     The idea for the mirror table came about on scout location.  The table you see in the vid, is actually a flexible, reflective material that was standing vertically and on wheels. There were a few of them. I suppose they were there to wheel around and block people from looking into places where they weren't welcome. The DP on this shoot was James Brown. He's not the Godfather of Soul, but he did get the idea to use one  of these mobile reflective boards for a table. I liked the illusion it gave, that our actors were coming out of the wall - (sort of). Because of this, (and lack of cash), ) I put limited wall art up.  Although I like the look, in hindsight I would have added more art.

      The three actors were all returning players, so they had their characters down. The sound guy was Jerry Wolf, who I had worked with before and this was the first time working with James Brown. In addition to those guys, we had Erica and EmaLee Arroyo as P.A.s for a total crew of five, including myself. 

      Erica and EmaLee have both helped these webs out with post production. EmaLee supervised my edit for this one and Erica composited the phone text you see at the end.

     Also in post, AJ Murillo with Juice Studios in LA gave me a sound mix and Ken Robinson in Argentina did the coloring. He did the coloring for all the webs except for, Brant. 

     If you look at these behind the scenes pictures, you'll see the giant window. The same window Nico texts in front of at the end of the web. This made balancing for light a bit difficult on the day of and in post. I realize that if I had more cash at hand I would have sprayed  down the window with something to diffuse the light, then had a grunt clean it at the end of the day, but I didn't do that. The crew is small, I wear many hats, time on location is limited and spending money blows. As a result, some shots got dumped in post and Ken Robinson had his hands full working the color balance. Ken lives in Argentina, so there was a lot of email, skype and What'sapp talk between us.

     The characters talk about a place called Cyril's out towards Montauk Point on Long Island. If you ever get out there, it's a great place to drink while there's still daylight. the Margaritas and daquiries are solid and you just might see a Paul, Kevin or Reece type of guy tying one on. 


20170709_191742 (1)
Silhouette mirror
shooting M-Mirror
SS Mirror EMC & IH
SS Mirror EMC & IH
Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 6.30.04 PM
SS Smiling Nico
Smiling EMC&IH
White Album
3 shot mirror
Why didn't you_
Mirror Bird's Eye
Mirror rising
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