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     This shoot was the smoothest. It was just two actors, a car and an alley. I looked around downtown for an alley to shoot in. The one I liked, was 25K to rent and because we were in L.A. where the average pan handler knows about filming permits, I wasn't going to risk sneaking the shot. After searching a bit more, I found out a friend of mine knew the owners of the original alley where I wanted to shoot. He said it was already rented for filming, but  if we could squeeze in our shoot between productions, they were fine with us shooting in it.

     The actors involved were our lead, Chris Bruno and guest star, Greg Sporeleader. Greg's been a pro in the industry for a long time and we were stoked to have him.

    The crew was just Marty on sound, Vihang on camera and me directing.  There was not a lot of blocking because it was just Bruno getting into and out of a car. The shots were pretty standard, except for a slider shot I used on the hood of the car. I had Vihang volley the camera on the slider while the actors engaged.

     At one point a small production crew asked if they could use our space, "for just five minutes." I said no chance. I know how five minutes goes and I was not about to surrender the alley. Where else but in L.A. does your film shoot get interupted by a film shoot?

      We shot more than three pages and wrapped in about 3 hours. 


Making the "Officer Jimmy McDaniels" episode.

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