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shooting, "Wake Up Call"

Shooting the scramble
Nico takes aim
dead tired
"Jackie's back in town"
A perplexed Nico
Fun nights = hard mornings
Setting the scene
sleepy close up
Bananas and Bruno
Time for the bell

      This scene is episode 1, but the fifth scene we shot. It is not in the original novel, but I thought it necesarry to show the brothers' dynamic when not around additional characters. Similar to the scene shot in the alley, this one went smoothly.  We shot in Colin Palmer and Lizzy Thrasher's apt. There were: our lead actors, Chris and Isaac and a crew of:  Marty, Vihang, Myself and an assistant to Vihang.  We shot on a Canon 5D and did the whole scene utilising only hand heald shots. There was no hair and makeup person on this, so I made the blood that comes out of Isaac's nose by stirring cotton swabs from the tips of Q-tips into movie/stage blood. The cotton in the blood was there to provide the proper viscosity to the goobery blood this guy would have from a hard night of partying.

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